How Much Does a Professional Golfer Earn A Year

Many golf fans have asked the question of how much a professional golfer makes in a year and we have decided to give a much-needed answer to that. The earnings of professional golfers involve a lot of things – from the golfer’s ability to track record on a number of major title wins, it depends on whether golfer enters into pro tours and even the number of endorsements that golfer has.

The number of factors to consider has made it quite hard to ascertain what the average earning of a professional golfer is, which is why we have adopted an approach where the average of each major source of earnings is presented.

One more thing to note is the absence of stability on the earning of a professional golfer; it is not always certain that a golfer will continue to earn money. In fact, a bad injury or poor run of form may result in the loss of a Tour card and a fall in income. However, the level of stability of club pros is greater – although at a lower rate.

 US Pro Tours

The average or total earning of each year varies from other years (there are lots of factors to this). For example, 261 pro golfers earned money in the PGA official events; when the players were ranked according to their earnings, Angel Cabrera’s $628,214 put him at No. 131. For 2012, the earning of the player at the median position was $628,079. However, the 45 PGA official events offered a total prize of $279 million for all the 125 players. The average of that sum is $2,232,000 – which is quite far from the median value. You can watch golf live stream in 2020 on streaming services such as Sling TV and Hulu Live with TV.

Pro Tours Outside of the US

In 2011, the median earning of the European Tour was $151,746 while the median earning of the Asian Tour was $47,701.